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    Information about the factory

    Lescomers Industry

    Lescomers Industry produces glued panels and solid products from beech wood.

    Finger jointed panels are 2 types:

    Glued finger-jointed panels - the details are jointed in both width and length;
    Panels glued lamellas - details are jointed only N;

    The use of edge glued panels for furniture production has the following advantages: reduced production cycle, increase yield, stickiness of the specialized press and a very high reliability.


    "A" -  knots and sapwood
    are not allowed, homogeneous, uniform color
    "B" - Sapwood not allowed
    "C" - knots with a diameter of 20 mm

    Examination is done of the better side.
    Polishing and pasting offered.
    We produce boards with client's custom sizes.

    We offer cutting of boards.


    Boards from beech wood A grade with thickness starting from  160 mm and length up to 6000 mm.

    Produced to meet customer's order and specifications.

    Used mainly for construction purposes.

    Glued panels and beams from beech with thickness of 160 mm to 6000 mm length.

    The beams are custom-made according to customer's needs. These products are increasing their usage as an input material for the production of internal staircases, tables and chairs, kitchen and cupboard doors.
    Lescomers Industry Ltd