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    Manufactured products

    Types of parquet and boards

    Lescomers Industry produces flooring wood from beech, which offers unique colors, natural patterns, high hardness and strong wear resistance.
    In Europe and the world the beech wood flooring is gaining greater distribution and vast use in everyday life.

    The thickness of the flooring can be up to 24 mm, which allows multiple sanding / over 10 times / for the renewal of the coating. During normal conditions a wood floor sanding is required after 7-10 years, therefore, once laid, the flooring can be used by several generations.

    Long life, the ability to update the primary coating is a great advantage of the massive parquet when compared to the three-layer parquet, where the massive wood is only 3-6 mm, depending on the manufacturer.

    Width: 90, 120, 140, 150, 170, 180, 200 mm.

    Grades: Select, Rustic and Nature.

    The difference between grades is in the vision, not in the technical and operational characteristics of the parquet boards.

    Select: uniform color,
    knots and sapwood are not allowed;

    Nature: Isolated knots are allowed, sapwood is not allowed;

    Rustic: sapwood is allowed up to 10% of the surface of the board;


    Processing of the products

    The hardwood panels are increasing their popularity and more often used as an input material for the production of internal staircases, tables and chairs, used by kitchen worktops and for the making of cupboard doors. Manufacturers prefer them for saving the working time, gaining warehouse space and raising their yield.

    The finger jointed boards are used as blanks for wooden windows, a growing market segment because of its aesthetic qualities combined with functionality. Another purpose of the beech boards is the production of visible structures.

    Dried boards of different thickness are made ??in the workshop for primary processing, which pass through the four-side cutting machine for primary calibration.

    The calibrated details pass through the optimizing machine for debugging and precise calibration in length and are then submitted to the parquet line for further operations.

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

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