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    Production and primary processing

    Sorting and pre-drying

    The main prerequisite for creating a quality product is the raw material used in its manufacture.

    That is why for us it is crucial to select suitable logs from regions known for quality timber.

    Our specialists select and control the sawing. Proper initial cutting of the boards is a prerequisite for good results in the next stages - minimal losses of drying in width and no twists.

    Lescomers Industry harvests the bulk woodedn logs from the beech forests.

    The process of drying of the wood is extremely important for the quality and for further processing and conversion of the wood into durable finished product with high aesthetic value.

    Lescomers Industry re-sorts the material before drying and arranges in suitable size depending on the thickness of the boards.

    Gaskets we use are from softwood equal thickness throughout the camera, arranged exactly one below the other. Sorted and arranged material remains between 30 and 90 days in the ventilated area until the humidity drops to about 30%, after that it is forwarded into the drying chamber.


    Primary processing

    The drying process of the wood is managed by software depending on the different humidity inputs.

    Proper setting of the drying chamber, constant monitoring of the parameters such as moisture of the wood, the equilibrium moisture content and the temperature.

    Choosing the right program ensures maximum quality of the dried material, and minimizes distortions, lack of internal tensions and splits.

    After the drying cycle, the timber passes through the workshops for primary processing, which depending on the purpose undergoes different treatments: cutting blanks, flooring and initial four-planing, edging, removing of knots and curves; production of components for the production of glued panels (finger-jointed or lamellas);
    processing elements to a query with a fixed width and / or length.

    Processed products from this department is forwarded to the workshop for manufacture of flooring, glued panels, finger jointed boards, or furniture production department.

    Finger jointed boards and planks

    Production of flooring and surfaces

    The hardwood panels are increasing their popularity and more often used as an input material for the production of internal staircases, tables and chairs, used by kitchen worktops and for the making of cupboard doors. Manufacturers prefer them for saving the working time, gaining warehouse space and raising their yield.

    The finger jointed boards are used as blanks for wooden windows, a growing market segment because of its aesthetic qualities combined with functionality. Another purpose of the beech boards is the production of visible structures.

    Dried boards of different thickness are made ??in the workshop for primary processing, which pass through the four-side cutting machine for primary calibration.

    The calibrated details pass through the optimizing machine for debugging and precise calibration in length and are then submitted to the parquet line for further operations.

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД



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