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    Production factory

    Department of finished products from beech

    The cameras for drying the wood are built within the production complex at the factory.

    The total capacity of the drying cameras estimates at 500 cubic meters and is divided into 6 cameras - 4 cameras of 100 cubic meters and 2 cameras of 50 cub.m. The systems are designed especially for Lescomers Industry by leading Italian pmanufacturers.

    Optimized and provided for effective work with the main material, processed at the factory - beech.

    In the department for processing and production of finished products from beech, our company has installed the following machines:

    - Four side cutting machine
    - Circular saw
    - Cutter and others.

    Department of finger jointed boards and planks from beech wood

    Department for production of massive and finger jointed parquet from beech

    The technological line for the production of panels and boards belongs to the latest generation of woodworking machinery equipped with the latest technology. It is designed and manufactured in Italy.

    The machines include all possible options which provide maximum precision in sizes and automatic optimization of the cutting, both in length and width.

    Since 2000 Lescomers Industry produces Flooring Beech with the following parameters:

    - Thickness: 22/21/20 mm - depending on the width;
    - Width: 90-200 mm
    - Length: 500-2400 mm

    Annual production capacity is 60,000 square meters of wood surfaces in one-shift labour operation. Again, the processing and the production lines for wood flooring ready products has been delivered from Italy.


    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД

    Лескомерс Индъстри ЕООД



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